Introducing HK-JURIFISC


HK- JURIFISC is a legal and tax consulting firm.Headed by its sole managing partner, Hanna Gräfin Keyserlingk, the firm has proven expertise in all private sector business transactions.

Through these three companies (HK-JF, HK-JFI and HK-JFI EU), our experience is expanding out of the country to go global (Europe, Africa, North America and elsewhere).

Our services


Private Business Law

• Business law

• Corporate law

• Labor and social security law

• Mining and oil industry law

• Banking and insurance law

• Land law and real estate transactions

• Tax and customs law


Public Business Law

• Government contracts

• Public service delegations

• Public-private and public-public partnerships

• Other administrative contracts

• Legal performance audit

• Regulations

Our team


Benja Rasoanaivo

Tax Department Manager

Benja Rasoanaivo has over 20 years’ experience in taxation, accounting and corporate finance. He specializes in budgeting and reporting, consulting and tax auditing, cash management, accounting and financial auditing.

He holds a graduate degree specializing in Accounting (DSSC) issued by the Madagascar National Institute of Accounting Sciences and Business Administration (INSCAE).

Jody Pruvot

Legal Department Manager

With 10 years’ experience as a legal consultant, Jody Pruvot specializes in corporate law, mining law, labor law and international contract law. He is also the legal secretary of a leading oil company subsidiary and advisor to major mining groups.

Jody Pruvot is a graduate of the Law School and the English Department of the University of Antananarivo, Madagascar.



José Rajemison

Legal Department Manager

A graduate of the Law School of the Catholic University of Madagascar, specializing in business law, José Rajemison has over 10 years’ experience as a legal consultant.

Although he specializes in labor law, his skills also extend to corporate law and property law. He has conducted several labor law audits for subsidiaries of international groups and has regularly advised free zone businesses on social matters.

Landy Raveloson

Legal Department Manager

With a degree in higher education (DESUP) from IAE Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne (France) and also a graduate of the Law School of the University of Antananarivo specializing Public Law and Business Law, Landy Raveloson is an expert in corporate law, banking law, securities law, property law and contract law.

With over 13 years’ experience as a legal consultant, she is also the legal secretary of an international group’s subsidiary based in Madagascar.



Sariaka Randrianarisoa

Tax Department Manager

With a Master’s in private business law from the Catholic University of Madagascar, a Master 2 in contract and commercial practice law and a Master 2 in business law and taxation, from Paris University II and Paris University I respectively, Sariaka Randrianarisoa now specializes in taxation, particularly tax auditing and tax litigation. She defends clients’ interests at the CFRA and the State Council.

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