Introducing Cabinet

Hanna G. Keyserlingk

Created in 1985, Cabinet Hanna G. Keyserlingk is one of the leading law firms in Madagascar. The firm has specialized in the field of Industrial Property rights since 1994, when Hanna G. Keyserlingk was approved as an Industrial Property Agent by OMAPI (Malagasy Office of Industrial Property).

The firm works closely with intellectual property lawyers and law firms the world over. It assists local and overseas businesses in protecting their industrial property rights (trade names, trademarks, patents, industrial designs).

Our services


Protecting industrial property rights such as:

• Trade names

• Brands

• Patents

• Designs and Models

Our assistance begins with putting together the registration application. It carries on until the registration certificate is delivered to the holder. All cases entrusted to us are monitored so that industrial property rights are maintained. The firm alerts clients in time to the need for renewing their protection before it expires.

Our team


Malala Rabenimanana

In charge of intellectual property issues

A graduate of the University of Antananarivo Law School, Malala Rabenimanana has over 10 years’ experience in the legal sector. Her qualification and Intellectual Property Rights Certificate issued by the World Intellectual Property Organization have led her to specialize in industrial property.

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