Introducing International Business Center


The International Business Center also called “IBC” was created in 2002 to assist investors, particularly foreigners, in setting up their business in Madagascar.

This service provider specializes in the domiciliation and legal representation of its clients.As an intermediary authorized by the General Tax Department, International Business Center has offered a tax domiciliation service to individuals with employers outside Madagascar since 2008.


Our services



The service includes:

• Receiving and delivering mail to your company or forwarding it on request

• Greeting visitors during office opening hours

• Greeting government officials when they arrive

• Providing a venue for company meetings (AGM or Board of Directors) or on-site tax inspections



Tax Domiciliation

In this service:

• Compiling the expatriate’s file with supporting documentation and authorization

• Expatriate’s salary statement and payment of relevant taxes

• Proof of tax payment at the end of the fiscal year or when the expatriate leaves

International Business Center also offers various services such as routine management authorized by the client.


Our team



Lantoarimalala Andrianarivony

International Business Center Manager

With 20 years’ experience and a degree in Business Administration Science, Lantoarimalala Andrianarivony is now an expert when it comes to administration and management.

She has versatile skills, with a Master 2 in International Business from the National Institute of Accounting Sciences and Business Administration (INSCAE) and Advance Certificate 2 (Writing and Listening) from the American Cultural Center’s English Teaching Program.


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