HK-LOG SERVICES is a service provider involved in the following areas:


Administrative procedures for obtaining visas for resident investors, workers, retirees and for reuniting families.


When recruiting executives on behalf of its clients, HK-LOG SERVICES uses “Central Test” software in assessing applicants.

Our services


Whatever the country of origin, HK-LOG SERVICES has processed over 10,000 applications for work and residence permits for expatriates to stay in Madagascar.


• Providing templates of required papers,

• Assistance in compiling applications and filing them,

• Support for morality surveys by the National Surveillance Service,

• Completing expatriate census formalities at police headquarters,

• Monitoring applications at the Long Stay Visa Service and the Residence Card Service

• Extending temporary visas, reviewing long-term visas.


• Assistance in compiling applications,

• Providing templates of required papers,

• Checking applications prior to filing,

• Filing and monitoring applications with government authorities.


Whether you are an applicant or a recruiter, HK-LOG SERVICES will find the solution to suit you.

Our job offers

Human resource manager


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Our team

Our team is made up of 7 multidisciplinary staff, fully conversant with the workings of the administration involved. The team is headed by Sariaka Randrianarisoa.


Sariaka Randrianarisoa

Sariaka Randrianarisoa has a Master’s in private business law from the Catholic University of Madagascar, a Master 2 in contract and commercial practice law and a Master 2 in business law and taxation, from Paris University II and Paris University I respectively. She has headed HK-LOG SERVICES since its inception. She has developed the immigration service in which she and her team have excelled in processing over 10,000 cases. More recently she has been specializing in executive and other recruiting.

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